How many photos can I upload?

You can upload 3 photos on your profile. The maximum size of each photo is 600 Kb

Can I make my photos private?

Yes, you can password protect your photos so that only members, who you give your password to, can access your photos.

How do I make my photos private?

Once you have uploaded your photos click on "Make your photo private" underneath the photo. You cannot password protect your first photo. We suggest then to put a picture of your favourite flower or holiday spot as your first picture.

How do I reduce the size of my photos?

Each photo must be under 600 kilobytes in size. If you have any photo editing programs on your computer eg. Adobe Photoshop, or software that came with your digital camera, there will be an option to reduce image size. You need to reduce the length and width of the image in order to reduce the size of the image. There is usually a button "keep in proportion" that you need to tick so that when you reduce the width, it reduces the length at a proportionate rate. If you don't have this software on your computer you can go to this website: and follow the directions there. It is a free and easy image resizing service. Another way to reduce the size of images is to adjust the image quality settings on your digital camera and take another picture.

My photo is under 600 K but still will not upload. What is wrong?

The dimensions are too big. The maximum width is 600 pixels and the maximum height is 600 pixels. Please keep within these limits.


Sept. 15, 2023 Maintainance Maintenance window changed to every Wednesday from UCT-08:00 to 10:00.

Sept. 28, 2021 Notice Maintenance window every Tuesday from UCT-08:00 to 10:00.

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