F. How can I be sure while giving my credit card number that only the listed amount will be deducted from my account?

You can be assured that only the chosen amount will be charged on your credit card as you will be asked to confirm this on the Pay Pal payment page.If you are not familiar with Pay Pal they are an independent online payment merchant handling millions of secure online transactions per day. You can read more about their security at www.paypal.com Two doves does not handle the credit card transaction nor do we have access to your card details.

D. Do I need a Pay Pal account to pay for a membership?

No, you do not need a Pay Pal account to pay. Pay Pal accepts VISA, American Express and Discover.

A. How much is it for a subscription?

A subscritpion for 12 months is $39, which allows you to initiate contact with other members on the site in that period.

B. Which services are free?

You can create a profile that is visible to others for free and also send 'smiles' to other members indicating your interest in them. They can then choose to contact you if they have paid for a subscription.

E. What if I don't have a credit card?

You can send us a payment by Western Union or via international bank transfer. Send an email to adam (at) twodoves.net for payment details.

C. Who is Pay Pal?

PayPal is a respected and well established company that processes millions of online credit card transactions every day. They process all of our transactions under their secure system. You can read more by going to their site www.paypal.com


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